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Founding Member 

Founding Member is a person who has taken an active part the establishment of the Trust since the idea of the Association on 18 May 2018 until the registration of the Trust on 02 March 2021.


Corporate Member

Any registered public or private company, LLP or Firm, through an authorised person, nominated to represent the corporate entity. These companies may already have interest in India-Rwanda or keen to know more.


Honorary Invitee 

The Honorary Consul Generals of Rwanda in India are admitted as Honorary invitees to further the interests of India-Rwanda and the Trust. They may advise, guide and observe the functioning of the Governing Body.


Institutional Membership 

Any registered Society, Trust or Section 8 Company, through an authorised person, nominated to represent the entity. This includes any academic, cultural bodies, diplomatic missions, local governments or organisations related to social work.


Ordinary Member 

Any person who has attained the age of majority and has a mutual interest or association or both in economic, social or cultural aspects of Rwanda and India may apply to become an ordinary member.


Student Member 

Any person having attained the age of majority and is undergoing educational training at any university or recognised higher education institution, in any field with an interest in India and Rwanda.

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