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India-Rwanda Friendship Association Trust (IRFA) was founded in 2018 as a people-to-people connect between the communities of India and Rwanda. It shall Act as goodwill ambassador for both countries and assist in Cultural, Educational, Economic, Social and Sports cooperation and collaboration. 


The objectives and main thrust areas of activities of the Trust are: 


  • Promote people-to-people relations in the development of Educational, sports-oriented, social and cultural cooperation 

  • Share advancements and exchanges in art, culture, education, healthcare, science, technology and innovation, sports, vocational and skill development between the two countries

  • Organise conferences, seminars and exhibitions and producing and distributing relevant literature, including books and journals for universal benefit from them.

  • Celebrate festivals for each other and exchange greetings on such occasions to make friendship deeper and practical between the people of the two nations.

  • Organise delegation visits between the countries to meet people in all fields and vocations, including for economic, science and technology, cultural exchange and education

  • Assist both country during natural calamities and distress situations, if any

  • Raise funds for the purposes of the objects of the Trust

  • Maintain the Trust as a not-for-profit organisation


IRFA was registered as a Trust under the Indian Trusts Act, 1882, in New Delhi in March 2021. Its, registration no. is 1023 vide Book No. 4, Volume No 4499 at Sub Registrar, New Delhi. The PAN number is AABTI9075J. 

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